Bare with me, as this will be my first blog! I have been running this business in Ablerta now for almost 5 years, and I have experienced more than I ever thought that I could....the question I am asked most often is "what exactly is it that you do?" and my answer is never the changes with every person that I meet, because what I do changes based on what they need! I have been studying the anatomy of the body for 18 years...the physiology of how it works...the biomechanices of how it brain was so focused on the science for so long because it took that long for me to understand it all (and I am still nowhere near understanding it all, I get that) but now my undstanding and focus is headed in a different direction, and truly feel like I need to write about that brings us here! Read on and enjoy if you feel drawn to it, head on somewhere else if not :)

August 13, 2015


I have promised myself and my boys that I will never use the phrase “you are too old to believe in that”. I want them to be children who believe beyond what they see, and I want them to become grownups who believe the same. After all – when did it become the rule that magic wasn’t something everyone should look for? Believe in dragons, and elves, and angels, and Santa Clause, wish on shooting stars and always look at the world with wonder. And always wonder what awesome adventures may be around the corner. It is a fundamental need to believe. Entire theme parks are based around our love of all things magical, adventures, and worlds of witches and wizards. So why is it that some people lose their wonder? Probably because at some point in their lives they were told that they were “too old to believe any longer”.
My oldest son, who is obsessed with Dragons, beyond obsessed actually, was told by a librarian that it was foolish to still believe that such things exist when he was 7 years old – 7! I mean if you can’t find magic in a library at 7 years old, then there is something seriously wrong. He was heartbroken for days, devastated, until a friend of mine posted a picture of the fairies dancing in her garden. So I showed him and said “see – there is magic everywhere but only those who believe will see it”. We talked about how some people believe in God, some don’t. Some believe in angels and miracles, some don’t. Some people believe in love, others don’t. People who look for love, and angels, and miracles will be the ones who see them.
His true heartfelt response came a few weeks later on Mother’s day when I went to visit his school for a little celebration. He made flowers for me and sang songs of love, but what touched my heart, and brought me to tears were the words he had written on a card. It said “my mommy is wonderful and kind, but what makes me love her the most is that she believes in magic with me so that I don’t feel like I am alone”. It was an awakening for me, it was a soul conversation between he and I. It was his little soul thanking me for not only allowing him to believe, but for believing with him.
When I look into the big brown eyes of my beautiful boys, I am filled with love and gratitude, and of course above all the belief that I am surrounded by magical creatures every single day! 


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