Bare with me, as this will be my first blog! I have been running this business in Ablerta now for almost 5 years, and I have experienced more than I ever thought that I could....the question I am asked most often is "what exactly is it that you do?" and my answer is never the changes with every person that I meet, because what I do changes based on what they need! I have been studying the anatomy of the body for 18 years...the physiology of how it works...the biomechanices of how it brain was so focused on the science for so long because it took that long for me to understand it all (and I am still nowhere near understanding it all, I get that) but now my undstanding and focus is headed in a different direction, and truly feel like I need to write about that brings us here! Read on and enjoy if you feel drawn to it, head on somewhere else if not :)

September 9, 2015

I spy with my little eye...

Eyes are simply amazing. They can teach you so much. Your eyes not only pick up what is going on around you, but they make connections. And they can tell you so much about what other people are going through.

When I was younger I had a friend that made fun of my eyes, she said I looked like a frog because they were so big and green. It made for a few awkward grade school pictures because I was always squinting, trying to make them seem less “frog like”. Now when I get asked what my favorite physical feature is, my eyes are always my number one. Not just because they are big and green, but because they look for beauty wherever they go!

How often do you make eye contact with strangers? With babies? With animals? Try to do it every chance you get, because the information you will get from them is fascinating. When clients come into my home for the first time and are telling me their story, their eye contact tells me as much, if not more than their words do. Silly stories and smiles don’t hide the sadness that is expressed through the eyes. If a smile doesn’t reach the eyes I always wonder why!

My youngest was born with gigantic eyes. His baby pictures always make us laugh because his eyes literally take up half of his face! Now, knowing him, it doesn’t surprise me that he came here with such huge eyes – he needed really big ones for all that he would see (in the immortal words of the big bad wolf “all the better to see you with, my dear”). He was gifted the ability to see colors around people, among other things. It is always interesting to hear what his opinions are about people when he first meets them. His first impressions are very rarely wrong. Maybe because he sees things about them that others don’t? Maybe because his big beautiful eyes look directly into yours and he sees truth?

“If looks could kill”, “the eyes are the windows to the soul”, “the face is the portrait of the mind, the eyes its informers”, “an eye for an eye”. There are thousands of sayings about how the eyes tell the truth behind every emotion. How careful are you about the type of energy you are giving off from your eyes when you go about your day? Do you look at the mom with her screaming toddler with judgement and contempt? Or do you offer her kindness and understanding with your gaze? Do you offer patience and love to your family across the dinner table? Or have you cut off what you could see in them to stare at your phone?

Be mindful of how much your eyes will say to the world! And open yours up to all that is beautiful. If you look for beauty, that is what you will find!

“You’ll miss the best things, if you keep your eyes shut”.

Dr. Seuss


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