BabyFit Therapy uses CranioSacral Therapy as a phenomenal type of treatment for Infants and Children. Being born is one of the most difficult things our body will go through and there are many side effects from the physical and neurological stress and strain of this process.

Some of the more common after effects include: Feeding Difficulties, due to the stress placed on the head, face, throat, and tongue; Colic & Reflux due to irritated nerves in the digestive system, and diaphragm; Sleep Disturbances from tension in the nervous system which may lead to over-stimulation; Chronic Ear Infections due to blockages in the ear canal, or decreased balance in the temporal bones; Learning Difficulties or Restlessness due to compression on the cranium; Dental & Sinus Problems due to decreased drainage of the sinuses and / or pressures in the mouth and jaw; Headaches from asymmetries in the cranial bones; & Growing Pains from fascial tensions surrounding the growing muscles and bones.

The treatment is one the most gentle and effective ways to achieve harmony within the body.

Getting treated during pregnancy can help make sure that the alignment of the hips, and pelvis are in the ideal position for the delivery process.  Relieving issues in the mothers body before delivery can also reduce the tension placed on the baby as it makes it's way down the birth canal. Addressing restrictions in the pelvic floor early can also help with the recovery after delivery.

You have probably heard the saying '9 months on - 9 months off' in regards to getting your body to look like it did on the outside, but did you know that it can take up to a year for your body to look like it did on the inside pre-pregnancy? The organs get pushed up and over to make room for the gowing baby, and the elasticity of the ligaments and joint mobility changes drastcially altering the funciton of the spine, hips & pelvis.

If your body is having a hard time getting back to the way it was internally you may end up experiencing things like Chronic Back Pain, Sciatica, Abdominal Cramping, Headaches, Constipation, Pelvic Floor Weakness, Hip Pain, Fatigue etc...

If you had an epidural, or c-section there are other complications such as dural system restriction, abdominal scar tissue binding, hot flashes, as well as an increased occurance of post-partum depression.

While it is best to address the issues as soon as possible, you don't have to be a new Mom to come in for a treatment session. I've worked with women 6 days post-delivery to women 30 years post partum. 

The Mom+Baby Treatment Session includes a 30 minute session for your baby, followed by a 30 minute session for you. There is an amazing physical connection between Mom and Baby, and this is one more thing that you can do together. Please see our BabyFit Therapy section to read all about the important benefits of treatment for your newborn, toddler or child.

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