Soul Conversations Healing Program - Level 1


Who is ready for a change?

Have you ever wanted to be guided through a Shamanic meditation?

To journey to meet your Power Animals, Spirit guides, Ancestors?

To connect the deepest parts of your Soul in order to release, heal and grow?


Soul Conversations Healing Meditations Level 1 includes: 


8 meditations

- Chakra balancing

- Choosing Happiness

- Attracting Abundance

- Unlocking inner Potential

- Full Moon Connection

- Forgiveness 

- Productive Day

- Releasing Pain


4 Shamanic Journeys:

- Connecting with your Power Animal

- Connecting with your Spirit Guides

- Cutting negative emotional cords

- Connecting with a lost loved one


This will be an online event so you can participate from anywhere, and complete each journey at your own pace.

Investment in self $88.88

Soul Conversations Healing Program - Level 2


Soul Conversations Healing Program level 2 includes:

8 Meditations:
- Deep Relaxation
- Mindfullness
- I AM Enough
- Body Gratitude
- Increased Energy
- Positive Affimations
- Nidra Meditation
- Releasing Anger

4 Shamanic Journeys
- Connecting with your Ancestors
- Yoga Nidra Blooming Journey
- Journeying with the Full Moon
- Journeying to connect with your Soul's mirror

Investment in self $88.88


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