The brain is the mastermind behind a healthy body. Even a small amount of damage to it is likely to hamper the normalcy of other nerves in the body. A concussion is a brain injury that may result in a bad headache, altered levels of alterness, or unconsiousness. It temporarily interferes with the way your brain works, and it can affect memory, judgement, relflexes, speech, balance, coordination, and sleep patterns.

A concussion may result when the head hits an object or a moving object strikes the head. A concussion can result from a fall, sports activities, and car accidents. Significant movement of the brain (jarring) in any direction can cause unconsiousness.

The skull consists of 29 individual bones which form a cage to protect and support the brain, eyes, ears, and other sensory organs. Any unexpected jerk or impact can disturb the alignment of the skull bones setting off a chain of events which can lead to many problems later in life, including:

Problems with concentration
Problems with vision/eyestrain
Rapid Mood swings
Jaw pain
Head & Neck pain/stiffness
Sinus congestion / pain
Back, Chest or Rib pain/stiffness 
Crowding of teeth
Facial asymmetry

A treatment session with BodyFit Therapy will help address the displacement and misalignment of the skull bones with a gentle and painless procedure. No force is used in the process of alignment and no jerking or "clicking" of the spine takes place. Most patients leave the clinic feeling calm and relaxed after the treatment, and symptoms will usually start to resolve within 72 hours. Call today for more information or to book a session!