Bare with me, as this will be my first blog! I have been running this business in Ablerta now for almost 5 years, and I have experienced more than I ever thought that I could....the question I am asked most often is "what exactly is it that you do?" and my answer is never the changes with every person that I meet, because what I do changes based on what they need! I have been studying the anatomy of the body for 18 years...the physiology of how it works...the biomechanices of how it brain was so focused on the science for so long because it took that long for me to understand it all (and I am still nowhere near understanding it all, I get that) but now my undstanding and focus is headed in a different direction, and truly feel like I need to write about that brings us here! Read on and enjoy if you feel drawn to it, head on somewhere else if not :)

August 1, 2015

Mish mash of spiritual stuff!

I had a client ask me recently, before booking her appointment, what religion I offence taken, I rarely take offence before trying to understand where people are coming from, and although I was raised Catholic, and very much do believe in "GOD" (I use quotation marks because my definition now of God is probably different from what the Catholic church presents) answer was, almost to my surprise, that I wasn't religious as much as I was spiritual. Not that it really matterns in terms of trying to help people with pain what I belive in, but because it came up in a phone consult, it dawned on me that maybe it is time for me to blend all aspects of who I am, into what I do! 

Now I am not a writer...I love to write...used to write poetry in my tortured "who am I" early 20's, have every intention of writing a book one day (when I have enough focus to put it all together), but please be gentle when it comes to critiquing my grammar, rambling sentences etc (there is no spell check on my site just so you know)...but I do feel like I have something to say, and even if nobody reads it, that's ok, I am saying it, out loud (or at least electronically) rather than just keeping it inside my head - it is getting quite crowded in there, so maybe if I set some stuff free, my brain will be able to breathe again!

This blog will be a mish mash of my experiences to date, stories about my very spiritually gifted children (they have taught me so much already and they are hilarious - just saying), courses or classes that I am taking, journeys that I go on, and just stuff in gerenal....and so it is!


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