Bare with me, as this will be my first blog! I have been running this business in Ablerta now for almost 5 years, and I have experienced more than I ever thought that I could....the question I am asked most often is "what exactly is it that you do?" and my answer is never the changes with every person that I meet, because what I do changes based on what they need! I have been studying the anatomy of the body for 18 years...the physiology of how it works...the biomechanices of how it brain was so focused on the science for so long because it took that long for me to understand it all (and I am still nowhere near understanding it all, I get that) but now my undstanding and focus is headed in a different direction, and truly feel like I need to write about that brings us here! Read on and enjoy if you feel drawn to it, head on somewhere else if not :)

August 7, 2015


There are so many emotions to go through in a day aren’t there? Who knew you could feel so many things...and when you connect the Mind to the Body, you realize that it isn’t just your mind feeling them. Your whole body gets in on the action!

Western medicine jumped on board with this theory when they linked stress to heart disease. I mean it was groundbreaking, the idea that the mind and what it perceives, over time, can cause illness in the body. I am not quite sure why they stopped there though? I mean, we have quite a few other organs besides the heart. And they can all be affected by emotion. Let’s break it down shall we:

The Liver is our detox center – in more ways than one. Physiologically, the liver breaks down the toxins in the body and flushes it out. Emotionally, anger heads on down to the liver when our brain gets overwhelmed, so that it can get flushed out as well. Excess anger can lead to an angry liver. Remember the term angry drunk? Toxins in – toxic thoughts out!

Our Lungs are our grief organs. Ever cry so hard you couldn’t breathe? Experience something so sad that it took your breath away? Gone through a period of loss and sadness, and then had pneumonia for months later? Coincidence? I think not!

Kidneys and Bladder are all about Fear and Loss of Control. If we could control every situation would we ever be afraid? Probably not.  But how many people have been so scared that they peed in their pants? Too many to count!

Too much anxiety in your life? I bet your bottom dollar that you have Stomach or digestive issues! Nervous stomach, or butterflies in your stomach aren’t just sayings – they are true experiences. Irritable bowel syndrome is included here – if you are someone who never speaks their truth, always holds it in, look to your intestine and see if it is doing the same! Or do you swing the other way? Verbal diarrhea of the mouth? Your intestine may follow suite!

The Gallbladder goes under attack when we feel the need to be perfect! It is amazing how many new mothers I see who have just lost their gallbladder. One could argue it was the fact that the organ got so squished during the pregnancy that it couldn’t flush out the bile properly, and I am on board with that to a point. But I also see the pressure that moms put on themselves to be perfect by society’s standards, and since there is no such thing, they are setting themselves for failure right from the start. The poor old gallbladder doesn’t stand a chance!

Our gynecological organs go under fire when we have insecurities about our gender identity. This doesn’t mean sexual orientation exclusively, although I am sure you can add that to the pile. It also includes who we are as wives, mothers, fathers, husbands, sisters, brothers, daughters, sons. Any confusion about how we fit into the world can be added into this category. And let’s face it, it is a very confusing time to be in the world. Is that why so many people experience disease in these organs?

Moral of the story, pay attention to your thoughts, to your attitude, and tune into what kind of emotions you are carrying around. Give your organs some love, because they are overworked, underpaid and are always listening!


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