Do I need a referral from a Doctor to make an appointment?
No you don't need any type of referral for treatment.

How do I pay for treatments?
I accept Debit, Mastercard, Visa, Cash or Cheque.

How often should I come?
Each individual will have a rehabilitation program that is designed specifically for them. It will be dependent on your injury, history, and goals. Typically people average 3-5 visits over a 16 week period. Many clients will book a session every 3 months for maintenance of optimal health.

Is it covered by insurance?
Many extended health care plans will reimburse for Athletic Therapy treatments. If you are having trouble with your claim there are forms from the Canadian Athletic Therapists Association that you can submit to your health care plan provider to request coverage.

What types of Injuries do you deal with?
Typically my clients are the people who have tried various other types of therapy but are still dealing with the same injury. Some common conditions are:
 Muscle strains; joint sprains; tendonitis; tendonosis,

Back / neck pain (acute & chronic)

Bursitis; Headaches; Migraines;Whiplash

Pre & post surgery

Pre-natal pain; Post-natal pain; Scar tissue

Nerve impingements; Sciatica

Joint restrictions: shoulder/elbow/wrist/hip/knee/ ankle

Plantar fascitis; Osteoarthritis

Herniated discs

Patellar femoral syndrome

Shin splints

Iliotibial band syndrome

Post fracture / dislocation

Frozen shoulder

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Compartment syndrome